I found Bosco in a dinette in building 8, shortly after he escaped from BillG's office. Your typical insane office hologram, Bosco likes to spend his spare time watching TJ Hooker reruns on his internal vid circuits.

After memorizing all 91 episodes of TJ Hooker, Bosco was heard to say "I've seen the past, gentlemen, and it works."

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Dark Overlord of Data

Overlord, over pedantic, over everything - the Dark-O was sent by the Lords of Arcturus to subjugate earth. But instead, the Dark-O forged an alliance with the terrans to repel the Arcturan forces. After a short, unglorious battle, the terrans lost. But the Arcturans, after determining that the terrans were not very useful, departed, leaving the Dark-O behind in exile.

The Dark-O soon found that the terrans were already subjugated by an even larger earth species who called themselves Humans. Realizing that it had all been a big mistake, the Dark-O quickly assimilated with the humans, got a job, and began subjugating furry little terrans of his own.

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Katra basic

katra · the vulcan word for soul or spirit

Katra was written to run classic games from the golden age of basic programming. Games like you could read about in Creative Computing, or Byte Magazine. Mostly, games like StarTrek...

Katra is a basic language interpreter for the web.


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